How It Works

Our compare and save site was created to help savvy homeowners find the right security system that suits your home and lifestyle.

How does it work? Our Q&A below will answer all of your questions.

Q. What happens exactly after I click on the “get quotes” button:
A. You will receive up to 3 free quotes from leading home security companies.

Q. Will I receive phone calls?
A. Yes, you will be called by up to 3 security company representatives that will answer your questions and be able to ascertain if their security system is the right fit for you and your company.

Q. Will I be flooded with emails?
A. No, you will only receive emails from up to 3 companies.

Q. What is the time period that I will be called and emailed?
A. You will be called and emailed within 24 hours maximum of sending in your information.

Q. Can I opt out of the calls? Can I opt out of the emails?
A. Absolutely. You can opt out of calls directly with the company who contacts you.  To opt-out of emails simply click on the link within the email to unsubscribe. You will not hear from them again.